High Speed Machining Center

MILLSTAR HIGH SPEED MACHINING CENTER : Designed Specifically for High-tech Industry

The design concepts behind the MILLSTAR high speed central machinery are to enhance high speed, high precision, light-weight smoothness and stability. The series of machines features an optimized structure, presenting exceptional rigidity and stability. Each machine is equipped with a high speed spindle and ultra-high spindle speed of 60,000 rpm is also available. When it comes to micro-machining in the sector of high-tech industry, MILLSTAR high speed machining centers are your dependable machines.

Double Column High Speed F series

Model X Y Z
F6 600 600 350
F11 1100 750 500
F16 1600 750 500

Vertical High Speed V series

Model X Y Z
V5 500 400 500
V10 1000 600 620
V16 1600 900 800