Knee Type CNC Turret Milling Machine : KT200S

Knee Type Milling Machine : KT200S
Knee Type Milling Machine Series



  • The machine column is manufactured from high quality FC-30 cast iron and is tempered for long term accuracy.
  • FC-30 cast iron table is tempered, hardened and precision ground.
  • The spindle is precision machined from SCM-21 alloy steel, tempered and carbon treated, ensuring maximum stability for heavy duty cutting.
  • X and Y axis slideways are precisiion ground and coated with Turcite-B wear resistant material.
  • The knee is power elevated and has a rapid traverse function.
  • X and Y axes employ precision ball screws.
  • The coolant tray effectively prevents cutting fluid leakage.(Optional)
  • Employs high pressure coolant pump for efficient chip removal.
  • Halogen work light.

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Power Feed Unit (Optional)
Power Feed Unit (Optional)
  • The automatic feed unit allows automatic feed for the table. Additionally, it provides more convenient operation and increases efficiency. The unit also features high torque output.
Turret Type Head (16-step Speeds) - Standard Accessory
Turret Type Head (16-step Speeds) - Standard Accessory
  • Belt drive milling head.
  • 16-step speeds 75~6,600 rpm.
Precision Ball Screws On X and Y Axes
Precision Ball Screws On X and Y Axes
  • The X and Y axes are transmitted by precision ball screws, combined with preloaded double nuts for extremely smooth and high precision working, with minimum backlash.
Turret Type Head (Infinite variable speeds) - Optional Accessory
Turret Type Head (Infinite variable speeds) - Optional Accessory
  • Variable speeds 80~3,800 rpm
  • 5 HP spindle motor.
  • Milling head tilts 90° right and left.
  • Spindle taper NT40


Model KT200S
Table Table size mm (in) 1300 x 300 (51 x 11.5)
X-axis travel mm (in) Manual 750 (29.5)
Auto 700 (27.5) mm
Y-axis travel mm (in) Manual 380 (15)
Auto 360 (14)
Z-axis travel mm (in) 3880 (15)
T-slot (size x numbers x distance) mm 16 x 3 x 63
Z Axis Rapid Feedrate   1400 (55) mm/min (in/min)
Spindle Spindle Speed RPM Steps Speed, 75~3,000
Variable Speed, 80~3,800
Quill Travel mm (in) 140 (5.5)
Quill Auto Feedrate mm/rev 0.035, 0.007, 0.14
Spindle Taper   NT 40
Swiveling Angle of Spindle Head (R/L)   L/R 45°
Swiveling of Overarm   360°
Ram Travel mm (in) 600 (24)
Spindle Nose to Table Surface mm (in) 20 ~ 540 (1 ~ 21)
Spindle Center to Column mm (in) 200 ~ 800 (8 ~ 31.5)
Motor Spindle   3.75 KW (5HP) Variable
Elevation Motor   0.75 KW (1HP) AC motor
Lubricator Pump W 80
Turret Head Pump W 3.5
Dimensions External Dimensions (L x W x H) mm (in) 2060 x 1870 x 2487 (81 x 74 x 98)
Packing Dimensions (L x W x H) mm (in) 2290 x 1920 x 2250 (90 x 76 x 89)
Net Weight KGS 2150
Gross Weight KGS 2450

All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

Standard Accessories:

  1. Tool Kits
  2. Tool Box
  3. Halogen Work Light
  4. Auto Lubricating System
  5. Cooling System

Optional Accessories:

  1. Spindle Elevation Measurement
  2. X Axis Power Feed
  3. Y Axis Power Feed
  4. Coolant Tray
  5. Simple Spindle Tapping System
  6. Digital Readout
  7. Variable Speed Head