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Knee Type Milling Machine: 2H


(Auto)X1000 / Y360 / Z450
(Manual)X1000 / Y390 / Z490
  • The machine column is manufactured from high quality cast iron
  • FC-30, tempered for long term accuracy. FC-30 cast iron table is tempered, hardened and precision ground.
  • The spindle is precision machined from SCM-21 alloy steel. tempered and carbon treated, ensuring maximum stability for heavy duty cutting.
  • X and Y axes are driven by an AC servo motor for smooth traverse.
  • X and Y axis slideways are precision ground, and coated with Turcite-B wear resistant media.
  • The knee is power elevated and has rapid traverse function.
  • X and Y axes employ precision ball screws.
  • The drive gears in the powerful vertical head are hardened and precision ground for maximum wear resistant and low noise running.
  • Equipment with an automatic lubricator for lubrication to 3-axis slideways, feed screws, gears and bearings, ensuring high working efficiency and long service of parts.
  • The coolant tray effectively prevents cutting fluid leakage.
  • Employs high pressure coolant pump for efficient chip removing.
  • Halogen work fight.
Model 2H
Table Table size 1300 X 300
X-axis travel 1000
Y-axis travel 360(390 Manual)
Z-axis travel 450(490 Manual)
T-slot(Size X numbers X distance) 16 X 3 X 63
X,Y axes feedrate(Variable)mm/min 2500
X,Y axes rapid travel mm/min 2500
Z-axis rapid travel mm/min 750
Vertical spindle Turret head Spindle speeds RPM NA
Quill travel NA
Quill federate(3-steps)mm/rev NA
Spindle nose NA
Swivelling angle of spindle head(R&L) NA
Swivelling angle of overarm NA
Overarm travel NA
Spindle nose to table surface NA
Spindle center to column NA
Powerful vertical head Spindle speeds RPM NA
Spindle nose NA
Spindle nose to table surface NA
Spindle center to column NA
Horizontal spindle
Horizontal head
Spindle speeds RPM 9 steps,85-1300
Spindle nose(N.S.T) N.S.T 40#
Dial of milling arbor 25.4
Spindle center to table surface 0-450
Spindle center to overarm bottom 369
Motor Turret head spindle NA
Horizonta spindle 5HP X 4P AC motor
Table longitudinal&Cross federate 750W  Servo motor
Vertical federate 1 HP X 6P AC Motor
Coolant pump 1/8HP
Elevation motor NA
Lubricator pump NA
Turret pump NA
Dimensions External dimensions 2060 X 1820 X 2240
N.W/G.W 2250/2550 kg

All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

Standard Accessories:

  1. Automatic lubricator
  2. Ball screw(X,Y)
  3. Complete cooling system
  4. Tool kits
  5. Tool box
  6. Milling arbor with spacer
    (For Horizontal spindle only)
  7. Draw bar
  8. Splash guard
  9. Chip guard
  10. Halogen work light
  11. Transformer(Export only)
  12. AC servo motor

Optional Accessories:

  1. Air power draw bar(x,y)
  2. 3 axes D.R.O.
  3. CE Norm
  4. Dividing head
  5. Rotary table
  6. Swivel milling vise
  7. Face milling cutter
  8. Face cutter arbor
  9. End mill collets & chuck
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